Tool With Exceptional NSF To PST Conversion Service

Export Notes software is an accomplished solution to convert NSF to PST with guarantee of complete data migration with preciseness. This prominent NSF to PST file migrator is capable to convert following major items:

What Makes Outlook Captivating Than Lotus Notes?

In spite of IBM Lotus Notes offering users a powerful communication platform, users look out for NSF to PST conversion tool. Below given are some of the reasons that compel users to convert Lotus Notes NSF to PST file format.

Convert Lotus Notes to Exchange with Export Notes

Download here for NSF to PST Conversion

Owing to the above mentioned reasons, if you want to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook and thus want to convert NSF files to PST, then our NSF to PST converter promises to provide right help.

Key Features: Tool To Convert NSF To PST Microsoft

  • Absolute Data Migration: The software converts Notes NSF emails, contacts, appointments, calendars, journals etc to Outlook ANSI/Unicode PST file format
  • Accuracy Maintained: The software sees to the fact that accuracy of emails, attachments, metadata and related data remain the same as it was before conversion
  • Unflawed Conversion: The software executes conversion of NSF to Outlook PST even if the error message: “You are not authorized to perform that operation: .names.nsf” emerge on screen
  • Multiple PST Creation: Outlook PST file has maximum storage limit of 20GB. If the NSF data to be converted to PST is above 20GB, the software automatically generates more than one PST file for successful conversion results
  • Fast Conversion Execution: The backend algorithms of this NSF to PST conversion assures that data migration without much time consumption is carried out
  • Easy Interface: No matter if the user to operate this NSF conversion tool has less technical knowledge. The self descriptive interface of the tool provides required assistance for smooth conversion.
  • Retain Emails HTML Formatting: The software ascertains that emails after conversion to Outlook PST file format remain with same HTML formatting as it was before

Know Software Potential: Download Demo Version

We want you be familiar with exact functionality of the software and for a fair deal with our users and us, we provide free trial edition of our NSF to PST converter. With testing portrayal, users can convert first 16 email items from Notes to PST for their satisfaction.

Acquire Complete Software Abilities: Get Licensed Edition

Now if the trial ride to NSF to Outlook PST conversion tool has met up to your expectations, then purchase full retail edition of the software that converts unlimited Notes file to Outlook PST. For making it easy for our users to invest as per financial plans and requirements, the software is presented in three different licenses.